Hi, Andy here!  Please fill out these 20 short questions and it will ensure I arrive on time and prepared to exceed your expectations.  Plus, this will enable me to prepare your speaker agreement and lock in your date on my schedule. Average time to complete: 5:38.
Organization name

Presentation Date

Event venue & location

Time/length of Andy's presentation(s)

What happens right before Andy's speech

What happens right after Andy speaks (length of break)

Appropriate dress for presentation?

# Attendees?  M/F%  Age range

Please enter Andy's event contact name *

Andy's event contact mobile phone #

Andy's hotel & confirmation number (if you have it)

How will Andy be transported to/from airport?  (Taxi, your staff, shuttle?)

How will Andy be Transported to/from venue? (Taxi, your staff, shuttle?)

Which airport should Andy fly in to?

Estimated travel time from airport to event location?

What is the primary goal for Andy's presentation?

Sensitive issues that should be avoided?

Anything else Andy should know?

Meeting theme (if applicable)

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